Sunday, May 30, 2010

Digital Habits

My name is Gatlin Massey and I will be a senior English major this fall. My digital habits are mainly focused on the internet. I don't like talking on the phone and probably send only two or three texts a day. On the internet I'm constanly checking my two email accounts and my profile on Facebook as well as just browsing. I probably spend about half of my day on the internet.

I primarily use my phone to talk to my mom; when texting its usually someone I don't see very often. I keep up with friends on Facebook, and check my email constantly on my USCA account for issues regarding classes. I also like to use the internet for entertainment: watching movies, reading magazines and newspapers. I get most of my news off the web; I especially love the Daily Beast and their cheat sheet everyday. I rarely, if ever, pick up a paper copy of a newspaper because it just doesn't make sense to me when its free on the internet. However, I like reading the Wall Street Journal - but they charge - so I go to the USCA library and look at it. I don't own a TV. Television has become obsolete to me. I mean everything that is worthwhile watching is online!

I also like to read a few blogs. Some of them are: "Angry Black Bitch"; Jane Fonda's blog; Thompson on Hollywood; and Deadline Hollywood. I read some twitter accounts too, though I think its the poor man's Facebook in a way.

I think addiction is too strong of a word to describe someone's digital viewing habits. So no, I don't think I'm addicted to my email, text, internet, etc. However, we will see how I feel after Tuesday @ 12 noon.