Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Man opens fire: Hope you're not at a school board meeting

"Man Opens fire...."

How many times have I come across this headline since Columbine? Maybe because I'm young, but it seems that random shooting - not actually knowing the guy or gal you're shooting - has increased since 1999.

This time it was a school board meeting in Florida. The man even asked all the women to leave before he opened fire. What a gentleman. Wonder if he asked the men he shot where they would like to take the bullet?

All this leads me to wonder: why are civilians killing civilians these days? The Florida man's motive was that his wife lost her job. Didn't it used to be only famous people that got killed when a person was mad and agitated for something that didn't have to do with any individual? i.e. US Presidents (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy, Ford), celebrities (John Lennon).

 President Garfield getting shot up.
Today ordinary people get shot: teachers, students, local citizens at a school board meeting. Wonder what it means when seriously ill and frustrated individuals open fire on ordinary folks as opposed to public figures? Is this a comedown?