Tuesday, June 15, 2010

South Carolina's Waste Land

For my digital story I want to create a movie (slideshow) about South Carolina's political scandals so far this year, just in time for election season. I find this subject funny and relevant since we are about to elect the next governor during a time when our state is facing historic budget shortfalls. Also, to show how crazy South Carolinians are. Is it this heat or what? I mean really. Here are some story points courtesy of Michael Roston via Newsbroke:

1. Governor Mark Sanford disappears, and tells people he’s hiking the Appalachian Trail when he’s really down in Argentina seeing his mistress. I initiate the ‘Jenny Sanford 2012‘ campaign.

2. Senator Jim DeMint, now effectively the leader of Senate Republicans, promises to make health care reform Obama’s ‘Waterloo‘, forever branding the GOP in minority as an obstructionist party.

3. My friend Mike Rogers alleges that Bauer, the Republican gubernatorial hopeful, is a closeted gay man. Mike is often right about these sorts of things.

4. One name: Joe Wilson. Two words: ‘You lie’. ‘Nuff said.

5. DeMint gets praised by two Palmetto Republicans for being like a Jew with the nation’s money.

6. Senator Lindsey Graham gets censured by a county party in South Carolina for engaging in acts of bipartisanship in the US Senate, with Democrats. A couple months later, another county censures Graham for the same reason!

And all this happened within one year just about! 2009-10 will definitely go down in the history books!

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