Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Explanation for absence from a blog nobody prob reads

Sorry I have been remiss in writing posts on here. If anyone bothers to read this blog, I do know of one special person, I guess I've been busy with "life."

School can be a bitch, mainly because it takes alot for me to concentrate, and also because I'm working on post college plans to get me out of this "right-to-work" state once and for all.


I don't want to share it now because it might fall through and because I don't wanna put all my eggs in one basket.

Anyways, I'm pretty scared about the upcoming elections in November. I feel there is so much at stake and I read good things and bad things about a Republican victory in the House, i.e. Obama might move more towards the left.

Sometimes I just get confused and don't know what to believe. All I know is that when I cast my vote on election day it will be for the lesser of two evils. This decision will be base on all that I have read, and what I can make sense of from all the hoopla surrounding the elections and the candidates running for office.

This research takes time and I know I am not the average voter. Depressing.

But who am I kidding? This fish of water white-boy in S.C. will vote a straight Democratic ticket. Hell I may even vote for Alvin Greene's pathetic self, who is a heck of alot better than gay hating Jim DeMint.

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