Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Before reading the three articles I had never heard any bashing against Powerpoint presentations. I think Powerpoint can be a useful tool to inform your audience of the main points you will be talking about. However, I think one has to be careful not to let the Powerpoint become the focus. Instead, one should always make sure their topic is the focus.

The last article, for me, was the most informative. Especially, on the points of animation and photographs and too much text. I was in a class this past spring where we were required to give a presentation on a topic assigned by our professor. Several students, sadly, had too much text on their slides and read straight from them. Most of the information didn't mesh with the students vernacular. It was encyclopedia writing and they had a hard time pronouncing some of the words. While speaking they would stand still and silent when they came to a word they couldn't pronounce. Very awkward indeed.

The first article, written by Edward Tufte, sounded reactionary in my opinion. Comparing Powerpoint presentations to a prescription pill with horrendous side-effects was an extreme metaphor. If used correctly, as the last article details, Powerpoint presentations will not "....elevate(s) form over content, betraying an attitude of commercialism that turns everything into a sales pitch."

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  1. This should probably be longer, word count doesn't mean anything. You never clearly state how you truly feel about powerpoint. You give an example of agreeing with someone else's opinion, but you never give your own.